Texas A&M University Center for Infrastructure Renewal

College Station, Texas

The Center for Infrastructure Renewal (CIR), a building for Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), is a collaborative and interdisciplinary engineering research facility focusing on all facets of infrastructure research. The collaborative, multi-use spaces include shared facilities supporting interdisciplinary engineering research teams. There are also several specialized laboratories able to conduct cutting-edge research in smart grid technology, connected vehicle sensors, and corrosion sciences.

As one of the first buildings designed and completed on the RELLIS campus, CIR will be able to operate prior to completion of the campus’ central plant and includes appropriate controls to tie in at a later date. As part of the new “smart campus initiative”, the building has the capability to tie in future solar power cells located on the roof, metering on process and domestic water, and energy recovery units.

The facility’s multiple faculty groups presented our design team with the challenge to design CIR for the future, thus allowing for expansion and contraction of lab areas. All MEP systems were designed with this in mind to allow Texas A&M the most flexibility for years to come.