BB Italia

BB Italia

Houston, TX

Our team was engaged to provide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for BB Italia, Berg Hospitality’s latest Italian restaurant in Sugar Land, TX. The new restaurant is approximately 6,300 SF of dining space, kitchen areas, and bar space. The project required the team to closely coordinate with the client and architect to bring the functionality of the space up to the team’s standards.

The HVAC equipment for the project included rooftop dx units that were added with existing units, kitchen exhaust systems and condenser locations for a walk-in cooler. Plumbing required standard hot/cold water piping in addition to design for a new grease trap. The electrical team was asked to design systems for new electrical panels and transformers connected to existing multi-tenant gutters. Electrical design systems included normal power, circuiting and powering of the lighting, fire alarm and security systems.

CLIENT: Berg Hospitality

ARCHITECT: Isaac Preminger

SIZE: 6,300 SF


  • Re-used HVAC systems
  • Build-out of existing shell