University of Houston Advancing Community Engagement Facilit

Houston, TX

The University of Houston's growth initiative to contribute to the improvement of area schools and the community sparked the need for the ACE facility. The new addition to the University of Houston campus provided graduate and undergraduate students with the tools to enhance the future of Houston through community 


Infinity MEP Consultants provided the mechancial, electrical, plumbing and IT data security design for the UH ACES Facility located in Houston, Texas. This new construction project encompassed approximately 4,500 square feet and surfaced parking. The community outreach facility included a multi-purpose high bay room, lecture hall, and an office area compressed of training rooms, private offices, break rooms and restrooms. The facility was served by a 30 Ton HVAC system and the electrical system design included normal power, circuiting, and energy efficient LED lighting. The project was designed in accordance with the University of Houston standards and with multiple pricing packages. incorporate normal power, circuiting and switchgear as well as power for all lighting, security and IT/low voltage systems. The plumbing design featured piping, sanitary and vent systems in addition to booster pumps, storage tanks and storm drainage systems. 

The team's collaboration with Harrison Kornberg and the University of Houston was critical to the success of this project. We hope to see fruitful student and community outcomes as a result of this new facility.

Site Content


University of Houston




4,200 SF


$1.6 Million


Est. 2020


New Construction

High Bay Multi-Purpose Room

Lecture Hall & Multiple Training Rooms

IT/Data Security Design

30 Ton DX Packaged Rooftop Units