Quality System

 At Infinity MEP, establishing and maintaining quality control is a critical component of every project. Our company values being able to employ a QA/QC program that enables us to deliver quality designs with the utmost confidence.  

Although quality assurance and quality control work in synchronicity, it is beneficial to have a thorough understanding of each individual term and what it means for our processes at Infinity MEP. 


Quality assurance refers to our programs at Infinity MEP that ensure to our clients that we are in-line with or exceeding industry standards. We are able to achieve this external assurance through a number of established firm practices. These include, but are not limited to, continued education for all of our professionals, and an established Quality Control process that is employed on each job, a consistent firm-wide methodology that is used as a basis for each job approach and then is customized based on particular project needs, and the presence of a devoted QA/QC department head, Brian Bennick, CxAP, CPMP, EMP.

Continued Education 

All of our professionals are required to participate in regular continued education practices. Often, these are available in the form of planned lunch and learns with vendors, architects, and distributors so that our team can stay up to date on relevant standards in the ever-evolving industry. Continued education is important to Infinity because we want to bring the most knowledgeable professionals to our projects ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service we can provide. 

Quality Control Process & Methodology 

Employing a firm-wide quality control process and methodology ensures each project begins with the same exacting company standards. This allows us to start each project with a standard of excellence and then customize from that point forward. 

Devoted QA/QC Professional 

This is a critical component to and differentiator for our success at Infinity MEP Consultants. Brian Bennick, CxAP, CPMP, EMP leads the team as our Quality Control & Construction Manager.  His 27 years of experience have provided him with a unique insight on how to ensure that every project runs successfully. With Brian’s oversight, Prestige has adopted a quality control process that contributes to our overall project lifestyle and quality assurance, thus reducing deviations from the project’s original budget and schedule. 


Quality control refers to our company practices and processes throughout the term of a project to support integrated and flaw-free designs. Our quality control process requires active engagement from all team members on the project from start to finish thus ensuring project success. The quality control process runs in-tandem with the methodology so that through each step of the process the team is utilizing the appropriate checks and balances.